Sunday, March 26, 2017


Yes, here we are at the last Cookie Club Sunday in March, and guess what the weatherman is calling for freezing rain later this afternoon. However, the probability of that is only 40% at 2:00 PM and still at 40% at 5:00PM then 60% at 6:00PM and 80% at 8:00PM this evening. Based on that probability the Cookie Club will be open this afternoon for Advanced Dancing. 

The Program this afternoon will of course be all the Advanced Calls we can cover, plus reviews on "Mix The Windmill", "Follow Your Neighbour The Windmill", "Half Tag The Windmill", "Split Recycle", "Reverse Recycle", "Split Circulate 1&1/2", "Swing Thru 1&1/4", "Lock It" from Point to Point Diamonds, "3x2 Acey Deucey", and maybe "Relay The Shadow" and a little look at "Circle By 1/2 & 3/4" we will see how everything progresses.

Based on the weather forecast for this afternoon, it will be your decision whether you want to drive or not. We only have to drive to the end of the street, you must drive much further, so take care and we hope to see you on the dance floor. 

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