Monday, May 29, 2017


May 29, 2017
Good afternoon to you on this wet Monday, which is May 29th. and nine days after we celebrated our 50th. Anniversary. We hope this Blog finds you all well healthwise and active with everything else in your life. In keeping with our quiet traditional way and my theory of "if it's not broken, don't fix it or mess with it" was our anniversary. However Judy & I take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to all our friends who sent cards, letters, poems, phone messages, on Facebook-Messages, Messenger-Messages, and Twitter-Messages and yes, even hand delivered Messages. All very kind and all greatly appreciated.

You might ask what we've been up to since Square Dancing ended for the season? Some of our time has been spent at Lake Dore, since the ground is drying up and the water level has receded a little. Some has been spent playing 12 Games of golf, once the courses have started to dry out, Judy has been knitting or baking, whilst I work away at my sketching, when not cutting grass. I guess I could say nothing much changes in our life style or there's not much to discover on the Discovery channel after fifty years. 

That's about all I have to write for now. Here are a few of my recent sketches you can have a chuckle over, and No! I am not planning to go sailing, EVER.
                    Take care of yourself and each other and I'll see you when I am older. Thanks again for all the Cards & Letters.                  

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