Sunday, February 11, 2018


Good morning to you on this February 11, 2018 as the daylight hours slowly increase and the risk of freezing rain is close at hand, such is the forecast for this afternoon.
What do we do about the Cookie Club? To tell it like it is, is there is a high risk of freezing rain and since we only have to travel a couple of hundred yards there isn't a problem, but for you having to drive to get here and back home there is an issue. We will be at the Cookie Club this afternoon and you will have to make the decision as to weather you want to drive or stay home. If you attend we will be very happy to see you, or if you stay home we'll be happy knowing you did and that you are safe. That is the best I can tell you, you decide.

Tomorrow evening is Adams Aces and the forecast is sunny with cloudy periods in the afternoon so it should be decent winter driving. Anyway that's all I can tell you this morning, take care of yourself and each other and above all else, if you drive, drive safely and keep an eye out for the ones who do not, and there are lots of them on the roads.

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